Maureen Corrigan on Fresh Air Recommends Last Night at the Lobster

NPR/Fresh Air’s book critic Maureen Corrigan recommends a few titles for troubled times: ‘The Women in Black,’ ‘The Colossus of New York,’ ‘Last Night at the Lobster,’ ‘Are You An Echo?’ and ‘Everything Is Under Control.’ (~45 minutes in)


Fresh Air Interview on NPR

If you listen to NPR’s Fresh Air tomorrow, you’ll hear Terry Gross interview Stewart O’Nan.  This post will be updated with the online link once the audio becomes available.

Update: from NPR Fresh Air – What It’s Like To Be An Elderly Widow, All ‘Alone’

Emily, Alone Review: Fresh Air on NPR

The Joy Of The Mundane In ‘Emily, Alone’
by Maureen Corrigan

It takes a deft hand to do justice to the ordinary. Most novelists don’t even bother to try, which is why most novels are about a rip in the fabric of the routine. It’s tough to find fiction ambitious enough to tackle the story of a run-of-the-mill job, a hum-drum family; but, if the mundane matters to you, then Stewart O’Nan is your man.

[listen (mp3)]