3 thoughts on “READ Poster

  1. I loved the piece you did in Halloween and I cannot wait now to buy Dammed! It sounds so good and I love work like yours! I am from Pittsburgh too! I live now in Evans City, but born and raised in good ol Mars! I am glad I found your books! Jessica

  2. Dear Mr. O’Nan. I really enjoy your books -a lot. A Prayer for the Dying was paricularly brilliant.

    I equally love your wearing a Pirates Cap. I have one identical. PNC Park is the BEST. My dad was from westtern Pennsylvania, and I have always loved the Pirates.

    Literature is most excellent, and I love it! But why couldn’t the Pirates see it in their budget to sign Pujols? I am more or less kidding. But I do love the Pirates, and I do love your work.

  3. Dear Mr. O’Nan,

    I hope you are well. I recently bought your book Emily, Alone and really enjoyed the book. It made me call my Mother and spend some quality time with her on the phone. She is the same age as Emily and going through very similiar issues. I shared with her how much she is loved by me and how important she is as a human being.

    Thanks again,

    Mark A. Venegas
    San Francisco, California

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