3 thoughts on “Songs for the Missing

  1. Reading your book, I asked myself if there is a true story/missing person it is based on? If yes, when and where did it happen? Best regards!

  2. My name is Amy Miller, and I am the teacher/facilitator for the Young Adult Book Club, an active group of student readers at Amity High School in Woodbridge, CT. I nominated your book for our November meeting, and the students chose it! On my book cover, it said you live nearby in Avon,CT; however, from the info on this page, it seems that is inaccurate. I was planning on inviting you to come join our club on our meeting day, but instead, would you be willing to Skype with us? It would mean the world to my students to ask you a few questions about your novel and your writing life. Thank you so much for this compelling work of fiction and for your time in considering us!

  3. This was a brilliant book, by far. I was rooting for them to find her, as was everybody else, but as the pages went by, you drew me in. Would they find her? Dead? Alive? Man, this book was the bomb!!

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