Fresh Air Interview on NPR

If you listen to NPR’s Fresh Air tomorrow, you’ll hear Terry Gross interview Stewart O’Nan.  This post will be updated with the online link once the audio becomes available.

Update: from NPR Fresh Air – What It’s Like To Be An Elderly Widow, All ‘Alone’

One thought on “Fresh Air Interview on NPR

  1. Great to hear how O’Nan approaches his work. Especially how he “questions” his characters. I’d like to encourage people to read “Last Night at the Lobster,” in which he creates a world that, in a scant 146 pages, includes complex characters and fully realized relationships. He applies just the right, minimalist note, and you know enough about a character or a setting to fill in the rest. By the end of the book your back is tired and your feet ache. O’Nan’s insights and details make you feel as if you’ve just pulled a double shift on half a dozen four-tops yourself. Marco

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