West of Sunset in Germany — Best in June, Plus Upcoming European Tour

From Germany’s Southwest Deutschland Public TV, Westlich des Sunset (West of Sunset) was chosen as their #1 recommended book for June!  Great timing, as Stewart will be heading back out to Europe for West of Sunset.  European fans can catch him at cities such as Salzburg and Stuttgart in the coming weeks.  Here’s a great photo of German writer and actor Joachim Meyerhoff reading a copy of Westlich des Sunset!


credit: Der Spiegel

Pub Day for City of Secrets!


It’s official!  The book is out and the tour begins.  From USA Today:

City of Secrets by Stewart O’Nan (Viking, fiction, on sale April 26)

What it’s about: In post-World War II Jerusalem, a concentration camp survivor becomes involved in the underground resistance movement against the British.

The buzz: O’Nan “assumes the mantle of Conrad and Greene in a probing, keening thriller,” says Kirkus Reviews.

The book tour starts tonight!

Tue, Apr 26, 7pm
100 West Bridge Street
Homestead, PA 15120

City of Secrets: Stewart O’Nan Navigates Post-War Jerusalem

City of Secrets

City of Secrets

When I began City of Secrets, all I knew about my hero, Brand, was that he’d survived the death camps and somehow come to Jerusalem and fallen in with the Haganah, the most moderate branch of the Jewish resistance. Like many survivors, he was there illegally, using false papers provided by the underground. He needed a job, so I asked myself, what kind of jobs do recent immigrants get, especially ones who don’t speak the native language? My first thought, having just been in Paris and New York, was: taxi driver.