Emily, Alone Review: Fresh Air on NPR

The Joy Of The Mundane In ‘Emily, Alone’
by Maureen Corrigan

It takes a deft hand to do justice to the ordinary. Most novelists don’t even bother to try, which is why most novels are about a rip in the fabric of the routine. It’s tough to find fiction ambitious enough to tackle the story of a run-of-the-mill job, a hum-drum family; but, if the mundane matters to you, then Stewart O’Nan is your man.

[listen (mp3)]

One thought on “Emily, Alone Review: Fresh Air on NPR

  1. After reading the Times review this morning, I’ve added “Emily Alone” to my list of reading. In this riotous time of ours the quiet of a character like your eighty-year-old can, and apparently does, resonate.

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