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Fitzgerald fascination: Stewart O’Nan book, new biographies, film projects focus on F. Scott

O’Nan says “every journalist wanted to take me to a Red Lobster” when that novel was published in 2007, so his wife suggested he seek out more glamorous material.

“What do I know from glamour? I’m from Pittsburgh,” he says. “But American glamour is Fitzgerald on the Riviera. American glamour is Greta Garbo. So what if I look at one of the most romantic places in American history (Hollywood in the late 1930s) through the eyes of our greatest romantic. If I can’t make that glamorous, I’m not trying.”


The novelist recommends works by Joanna Scott, Robert Coover, and more

Choices for Emily

1. The New York Times Book Review has chosen Emily, Alone as an Editor’s Choice:

EMILY, ALONE, by Stewart O’Nan (Viking, $25.95.) In O’Nan’s novel, a quiet widow buys a car and finds herself open to the world again.

2. The Week has chosen Emily, Alone as their Novel of the Week.