Poe from Lonely Road Books


“A page-turner that delivers a tale as full of mystery and imagination as Poe’s famous stories…Stewart O’Nan’s life of Poe would make a great movie: erotic, violent, darkly humorous, suspenseful, and shocking.”
– Roger Corman, director of House of Usher, Pit and the Pendulum, and The Raven


The cover of the “Monsters” chapbook, shipping to Poe preorders from Lonely Road Books

SOFTWAR – a treatment


SOFTWAR is the battlefield of the future, the military capability to remotely engage the enemy without risking soldiers’ lives.  In SOFTWAR, along with smart tanks and aircraft and ordnance, virtual infantry outfitted with gloves and headsets and body monitors control their robot drones thousands of miles away.  The drones may be destroyed, yet, like a crazy video game, the soldiers never die. Continue reading