More Best of 2015 for West of Sunset: Kansas City Star and Pioneer Press

Two more Best of 2015 lists for West of Sunset!

The Kansas City Star:

“West of Sunset,” by Stewart O’Nan (Viking). This novel follows F. Scott Fitzgerald during his years as a struggling screenwriter. Its Golden Age Hollywood feels lived-in and real and makes for a welcoming read.


The Pioneer Press (Minnesota):

“West of Sunset” by Stewart O’Nan (Viking): Our appetite for all things Scott Fitzgerald doesn’t abate, and this novel offers a fresh look at the last three years of the St. Paul-born writer’s life, which O’Nan says are often overlooked by biographers. Fitz- gerald was living in Hollywood and in love with columnist Sheilah Graham, but he still visited his wife, Zelda, who was in a mental institution. He was sober and working on his novel “The Last Tycoon,” unfinished when he died in 1940.


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