Book Review: West of Sunset by Stewart O’Nan (Press & Journal [UK])

From Press & Journal (UK):

O’Nan has written a wonderfully intimate and gently absorbing book. It inhabits an era and a fine mind with great care, folding in details of Fitzgerald’s life with subtle, unhurried sympathy. The result is a portrait of grace under pressure, of a kind of moral courage very different to the macho antics of the writer’s great rival, Hemingway. Great title too.


One thought on “Book Review: West of Sunset by Stewart O’Nan (Press & Journal [UK])

  1. Mr Onan, I just finished reading West of Sunset. Having read Fitzgerald in High school in the 1960’s, I’ve been a fan ever since. This was wonderfully written through the eyes of F. Scott himself. I read a bio on Zelda in the 70’s, but it didn’t have as much history of Scott being in Hollywood and the back and forth they were sharing. I loved imaging those were his thoughts and listening to him. You took me back into his life. I had forgotten the affair with Sheilah Graham and enjoyed more of that story. I remember having grown up in San Francisco, that she had a local talk show my Mother would listen to( pre Sally Rafael). Thanks again for such a wonderful trip back.
    Sincerely Phylis Banning

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