The California Leg of the Tour

Today begins the California part of the West of Sunset tour.  To start things off, here are two photos from an event last year.  They were taken at Musso and Frank Grill, which is one of the locales that makes an appearance in West of Sunset.  Next to the restaurant was Stanley Rose’s bookstore (in operation from 1935 to 1939), where folks like Fitzgerald, Nathanael West, John O’Hara, and William Faulkner went to talk and drink in the back room!

In attendance: Stewart O’Nan, Holly Watson, Sales rep Tom Benton, Sales Rep Amy Comito; Booksellers Ed Conklin, Chaucer’s (Santa Barbara); Allison Hill, Vroman’s and Book Soup; Adrian Newell, Warwick’s (San Diego); Julie Slavinsky, Warwick’s (San Diego);  Steve Salardino, Skylight (LA).


From left to right: Ed Conklin, Adrian Newell, Holly Watson; Julie Slavinsky, Tom Benton, Steve Salardino, Allison Hill. Photo credit: Amy Comito.


Left to right, seated: Steve Salardino, Stewart, Allison. Left to right, standing: Tom Benton, Julie Slavinsky, Adrian Newell, Ed Conklin, Amy Comito, Holly Watson.

Stewart will be in the great state of California this coming week, starting tonight at Rakestraw Books.  Come on by!

Danville, CA
Rakestraw Books, 1/23/2015

Sonoma, CA
Reader’s Books, 1/24/2015

Berkley, CA
Books, INC, 1/26/2015

Los Angeles, CA
Diesel Books (Brentwood), 1/27/2015

Pasadena, CA
Vroman’s Books, 1/28/2015

San Diego, CA
Warwick’s, 1/29/2015 7:30pm


One thought on “The California Leg of the Tour

  1. Stu,
    Lisa and I are in San Diego this weekend visiting our son and his family, too bad we can’t stay a few more days and see you on your CA tour. Maybe next tour!
    Best of luck on the book,
    Tim and Lisa Flanigan
    BU ENG 83

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