Book Fight – Episode 18: Theodore Weesner, The True Detective

Check out the podcast featuring Theodore Weesner’s The True Detective at Book Fight:

We welcome special guest Stewart O’Nan, author of The Odds, Last Night at the Lobster, A Prayer for the Dying, and many, many more, to discuss a book he calls “a great American novel no one has read.” Theodore Weesner’s The True Detective tells the story of a child’s abduction from multiple perspectives: the family of the victim, the kidnapper, and the detective attempting to break the case. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill procedural; instead the book seeks to mine the the complicated emotional terrain of its characters, exploring how they’re affected by this web of tragedy.

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One thought on “Book Fight – Episode 18: Theodore Weesner, The True Detective

  1. Car Thief deserves the attention it continues to get, and those of us who grew up in Flint get a bit of fun out of recognizing settings but that isn’t why we think it’s great. Who am I to say but i”d say The True Detective is his “best” book., partly due to deep research . We ain’t seen nothin’ yet, though, i’d bet, until March when the new one , a departer for Mr. Weesner, arrives.. I am eager to read it. And a memoir about his early Childhood.. and anthing he writes!!

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