Interview with Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin

Check out the Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin‘s interview with Stewart:

How has sports influenced you and your writing?

As a Pirates and Red Sox fan, I’ve learned that the good times don’t last forever, but neither do the bad ones.  As Terry Francona says:  “Don’t get too high, don’t get too low.”

You are a self-professed Pirates fan despite writing about the Red Sox in your book Faithful that you co-wrote with Stephen King. How did you come to be a Pirates fan and are you allowing yourself to become optimistic about the team yet?

My Grandmother O’Nan was a big Pirates fan.  She listened to them on the radio.  And my older brother and his friends were ballplayers and big Bucs fans.  Like the library, Forbes Field was less than a mile from our house, so we’d take the bus there.  My grandmother made sure we had tickets for the first game in Three Rivers.

I’m allowing myself to be optimistic about the Pirates for no other reason than they win when I go to the ballpark.  Their home record is excellent this year, but even back in our 105-loss 2010 season, they were 20-10 at PNC when I was there.

This year I’ve got two 20-game plans plus some stray singles, so I’ll be there more than not.  Let’s Go Bucs!


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