One thought on “2/18 5:15pm: Savannah Book Festival

  1. Thank you so much for the entertaining talk on Saturday at the Savannah Book Festival. Your talk was my assigned shift as a volunteer and I am so happy to have discovered you and look forward to becoming more acquainted with your books – I guess that is the point of having authors speak at book festivals, isn’t it? As an aside, you briefly mentioned Faithful and I have since delved into reviews, etc. and it has struck me that you might enjoy Jack Marshall’s ethics blog (if you are not already familiar with him). He is a huge Red Sox fan and I always enjoy reading his particular blogs on the Red Sox (and there are many) – well, actually I enjoy reading all his blogs no matter the subject. The blog is Ethics Alarms. Again, pardon if you already are a fan of his – but I thought you might enjoy it and I would love reading your comments should you care to join in. Thanks again for the entertaining talk and I hope you enjoyed being in Savannah – we certainly enjoyed having you!

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