Author Shares Joys and Failures of Writing


Stewart O’Nan took the podium Wednesday night in Konover auditorium to discuss his string of hugely successful novels and his well-noted writing career.

“I was never trained as I writer, I just used to write in my basement when I came home from work,” O’Nan said in an interview before his talk.

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2 thoughts on “Author Shares Joys and Failures of Writing

  1. Stewart – remember me? Mutual friend of Lois – Maplewood Drive in RI…..My sister’s book club in Cheshire recommended “Lobster” to my book club in Brookfield..we’re meeting 2/17…any chance you make calls into groups!!!?

  2. Dear Stewart – Don’t know why this 75 year old reader has not chanced upon you before, but I read a review in the New York Times Review of Books and ordered Songs for the Missing from Amazon thru my sister in San Francisco.

    know that you have a big fan club in Oaxaca ,Mexico. Many of your books are in our Oaxaca Lending Library.

    Write more !!


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