Stray Questions for: Stewart O’Nan

from The New York Times:

What are you working on?

A sequel to my 2002 novel “Wish You Were Here.” After how sad “Songs for the Missing” was, I wanted to write a lighter book. It’s all about Emily, the matriarch of the Maxwell clan, at home in Pittsburgh with her old dog Rufus. She’s 78, so she’s naturally looking back, taking stock, trying to figure out what her life has amounted to (what any life amounts to).

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One thought on “Stray Questions for: Stewart O’Nan

  1. As I now ready your “Songs for the Missing”, I realize you are writing about the area in NE Ohio I grew up in! I was born and raised in Conneaut, and Kingsville area. I was amazed to recognize places you were describing and am glad your book was one I found in the Large Print area, new section!

    What I am wondering is how did you come to write the story from this locale? And is there any truth to the story as far as missing persons from taht area?

    Thank you for involving my old stomping grounds in your story–it’s a beautiful, little-known area with interesting attributes. Do tell how you came to know this area?

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