11/23/08: WORDS & MUSIC (New Orleans, LA)

Sunday, November 23 – 12:30 p.m. Hotel Monteleone, Riverview Room (Roof)

THE AMERICAN DREAM: Making it Big with a Debut Novel! Featuring Andrew Davidson, author of the new highly touted The Gargoyle; Julia Glass, author of I See You Everywhere, and Stewart O’Nan, author of Songs for The Missing. Stewart O’Nan won the Faulkner Society’s first gold medal for best novel in 1993 with his brilliantly poignant manuscript Snow Angels. The gold medal for his unpublished manuscript landed him a two-book contract with Doubleday, and O’Nan has published more than a dozen books since. Snow Angels remains in print, and was adapted for a film by David Gordan Green and released recently. In the film, Sam Rockwell gives a devastatingly anguished performance, the kind that makes the viewer squirm with the pain of it all. So, what do these writers think about the future of the novel? Can this American Dream still come true? A cash bar will be open and authors will sign following the session.

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