Snow Angels DVD Reviews

Beckinsale enjoys the complexity, intimacy of smaller film

Kate Beckinsale has starred in big-budget Hollywood movies, including Pearl Harbor and The Aviator, and fought monsters in such films as Underworld and Van Helsing. After all that, Snow Angels, out this week on DVD, was a nice departure, she said, allowing her to play an ordinary person in a small-budget drama.

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‘Snow Angels’ soars

Speaking of waiting for the DVD, that’s what I’d been doing impatiently for writer-director David Gordon Green’s “Snow Angels” ever since I resigned myself to the fact that we wouldn’t be getting it in theaters. It finally came out this week, and it was worth the wait.

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DVD Review: Snow Angels (Sun-Sentinel)

A good screenplay makes all the difference. That’s the impression left by David Gordon Green’s tragedy, based on a book by Stewart O’Nan.

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DVD Review: Snow Angels (iF Magazine)

How do you review a film that basically makes you utterly and completely depressed for hours after viewing? Not an easy task. What cannot be ignored, however, are the fascinatingly profound performances and the beautifully written dialogue in the film SNOW ANGELS, the heavy-burdened relationship drama that is bound to break even the coldest hearts. The fact that the film allows you to feel so strongly and go so deep is a good thing. Writer/director David Gordon Green more than adequately adapted the compelling script from a novel written by Stewart O’Nan.

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