More Recommended Short Story Collections

In no particular order:

1. Best American Short Stories–ed. Shannon Ravenal, etc. (1980 – present)

2. O. Henry Prize Stories–ed. William Abrams, etc. (1980 – present)

3. The Joy Luck Club–Amy Tan

4. Lunar Landscapes–John Hawkes

5. Shiloh–Bobbie Ann Mason

6. Obscure Destinies–Willa Cather

7. Through the Safety Net–Charles Baxter

8. In the Land of Men–Antonya Nelson

9. Welcome to the Arrow-Catcher Fair–Lewis Nordan

10. Crash Diet–Jill McCorkle

11. All the Days and Nights–William Maxwell

12. Collected Stories 1939-1976–Paul Bowles

13. Break It Down–Lydia Davis

14. The Coast of Chicago–Stuart Dybek

15. Read This and Tell Me What It Says–A. Manette Ansay

16. Emerald City–Jennifer Egan

17. The Art of Living–John Gardner

18. Dancing in the Movies–Robert Boswell

19. The Pugilist at Rest–Thom Jones

20. The Ice at the Bottom of the World–Mark Richard

21. The Stories of Breece D’J Pancake

22. Trailerpark–Russell Banks

23. Private Parties–Jonathan Penner

24. News of the World–Ron Carlson

25. At the Bottom of the River–Jamaica Kincaid

26. Selected Stories–D.H. Lawrence

27. In the Cage and other stories–Henry James

28. The Watch–Rick Bass

29. Stories–Charles Bukowski

30. The Man Who Loved Levittown–W.D. Wetherell

31. The Age of Grief–Jane Smiley

32. Victory Over Japan–Ellen Gilchrist

33. Had I A Hundred Mouths–William Goyen

34. Sleep It Off, Lady–Jean Rhys

35. Going to Meet the Man–James Baldwin

36. More Pricks Than Kicks–Samuel Beckett

37. Collected Stories–Isaac Bashevis Singer

38. African Stories–Doris Lessing

39. Searches and Seizures–Stanley Elkin

40. Tales of the Supernatural–Daphne du Maurier

41. Cosmicomics–Italo Calvino

42. The Burning Plain–Juan Rulfo

43. Me and My Baby View the Eclipse–Lee Smith

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