West of Sunset Book Tour


New York City, NY
Barnes & Noble UWS, 1/13/2015

Washington, DC
Politics & Prose, 1/14/2015

Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Free Library, with author Peter Carey, 1/15/2015

Boston, MA
Harvard Bookstore, 1/20/2015

St. Paul, MN
Common Good Books, 1/21/2015

Tulsa, OK
Booksmart Tulsa, 1/22/2015

Danville, CA
Rakestraw Books, 1/23/2015

Sonoma, CA
Reader’s Books, 1/24/2015

Alameda, CA
Books, INC, 1/26/2015

Los Angeles, CA
Diesel Books (Brentwood), 1/27/2015

Pasadena, CA
Vroman’s Books, 1/28/2015

San Diego, CA
Warwick’s, 1/29/2015 7:30pm

Seattle, WA
The Pub @ Third Place Books, 1/30/2015

Elliott Bay Books, 1/30/2015

Bellingham, WA
Village Books, 1/31/2015 7pm

Cleveland, OH
Cuyahoga Public Library, 2/3/2015

Pittsburgh, PA
East End Book Exchange, 2/7/2015

Asheville, NC
ABA Winter Institute, 2/8 – 2/11/2015

Savannah, GA
Savannah Book Festival, 2/12 – 2/15/2015


Past Appearances

14 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. Would love to know if you may be coming to Georgia for a book signing? I would love to meet you. Snow Angels was an amazing book, I am currently reading Last Night At The Lobster and I am planning on buying Songs for the Missing today.

  2. It’s October 23, twenty years later, and it is pouring rain in San Francisco just like it was in Ithaca. Hello to you and Trudy from LC and JH

  3. Mr. O’Nan–I discovered your novel Emily, Alone and loved it. I’ll be seeking out your other titles soon.
    However, I have a bone to pick with you, sir! In one scene in Emily, Alone, you refer to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as “mauling Shostakovich”–an image that, as one who appreciates classical music, I must seriously protest. For at least a couple of decades, the CSO has been regarded as one of the world’s great orchestras. To include a detail like that–even if you intended it as Emily’s opinion–is inauthentic.

  4. Hello Stewart,
    Your interview with Nancy Pearl here i Seattle was so great. I can’t wait to watch it again in order to take notes this time. I was fascinated with your writing process, how you approach your characters and the narrative. Wishing you could come to our monthly genre meeting where we discuss the four portals into a novel: story, character, setting and language. You are a master at all four. I enjoyed your reading at Seattle Public Library as well. It was wonderful to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you in P-burgh.
    All the best,
    Lillian Dabney

  5. Finished Wish You Were Here this morning and now reading Emily, Alone. I love this family and their idiosyncrasies; I understand Emily more in Emily, Alone. I will now read every novel I can find that you have written because I love your style. Hmm. wish there was more from the Maxwell clan.
    Wish You Were Here is just one of those books that you dont want to end……thank you at least for the sequel, Emily, Alone……….. Thank you for my reading pleasure!!
    Sandy Brown
    Poplar Bluff Missouri

  6. Dear Stewart
    I just finished Emily, Alone for our little book club here in Pittsburgh. I live on Sheridan Ave. I really enjoyed the book. Emily reminds me of me. My sister in law picked it she lives out in the wilds of Swissvale. Hope to read more in the future.


  7. WOW! Emily Alone, you literally took me home again. My daily trip home after getting off the street car on Bryant St., 1952 – 57, took me up Grafton St. to Heberton where I lived. I suspect that Emily lived in one of the houses similar to Rev. Earl Meyers’ and was a neighbor to Carolyn’s house. How absolutely magnificent this experience was for me in the year of my retirement from teaching to relive so many memories of my youth. Will you be appearing anywhere near Westbrook, CT in the near future?

  8. How can we send a copy of O’nan’s work to him to have him sign? I live in a small farm town in Missouri and don’t have the ability to travel to the big cities where he does appearances. I love his work so much and this would mean the world to me.

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