This Week’s Must Read: Malaysia Flight 370 and the World’s Attention


NPR has highlighted Stewart’s novel Songs for the Missing in regard to the missing Malaysia Flight 370:

What happens when the systems, institutions, technology and networks we’ve put into place for our protection, fail us? Consigned to speculation, how do we deal with the unresolved? What if the scant information we are able to cobble together, only deepens the mystery, and compounds our unknowing? What lengths will we go to for the answers we must have?

These are just a few of the many questions that have arisen in the wake of the unexplained disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Stewart O’Nan’s brilliant 2008 novel, Songs for the Missing, though it features no ill-fated airliners, raises many of the same questions.


University of North Carolina 2014 Distinguished Writer-in-Residence


Stewart will be visiting the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as the 2014 Distinguished Writer-in-Residence.  Here’s his upcoming schedule.

2014 Distinguished Writer-in-Residence Reading
Thursday, February 27, 7:30 p.m.
Genome Sciences Building Auditorium

Film Screening of Snow Angels
Monday, February 24, 5:00pm
Varsity Theater on Franklin St
Discussion with Stewart O’Nan following screening

“Baseball: The Great American Story” Panel
Wednesday, February 26, 3:30pm
Hyde Hall
Panelists: Coach Mike Fox, Tar Heels baseball
Gabby Calvocoressi, poet and catcher emeritus
Stewart O’Nan, Faithful
Sam Stephenson, Bull City Summer


Stewart O’Nan: Pittsburgh’s Novelist of the Everyday


From an interview in Belt Magazine:

When time enough has passed for critics to start assessing how the Great Recession played out in American literature, it’s likely they’ll take a close look at Stewart O’Nan’s recent novels, especially 2007’s Last Night at the Lobster and 2011’s Emily, Alone. That’s partly because, dispiritingly enough, the shelf of novels that address the lower rungs of the middle class is a small one. But even in a crowded field, O’Nan’s books would stand out. In Lobster, O’Nan delivers both a close study of Manny, the manager of a soon-to-close Connecticut Red Lobster franchise, and of the workers and patrons who share their lives inside it during one day, captive to a brutal snowstorm. It’s early, but the novella is one of the most potent and sharpest portraits of work in the new century—few books in any era have done such a fine job of exploring how corporations stoke our loyalty, and how easily they betray it.


1/23, 8pm: Evening Reading Series at Writers in Paradise 2014


Stewart will be giving a reading at Writers in Paradise on Thursday, January 23, with Lori Roy.  Below is the full schedule

2014 Eckerd College Writers’ Conference Evening Reading Series:

Saturday, January 18

Tim O’Brien with Q&A moderated by Dennis Lehane

Sunday, January 19
Dennis Lehane and Andre Dubus III

Monday, January 20
Jon Chopan and Les Standiford

Tuesday, January 21
Laura Williams McCaffrey and Peter Meinke

Wednesday, January 22*

Thursday, January 23
Lori Roy and Stewart O’Nan

Friday, January 24
Ann Hood and Sterling Watson

Saturday, January 25
Laura Lippman and Attica Locke